Miss Glister Butterworth

When we first saw Andi’s style in the office we immediately thought ‘Posy Simmonds for children’.  The drawings have a real charm and the simple attention to detail in the frames will have you reaching for a pencil without even noticing.  The thought that has gone into even the smallest of things, such as the illustrated recipes, silent short stories and activities on the inside covers, hint that these are the type of books, which memories are made of.

Andi Watson, the creator of the beautiful Glister series, will be in Hay over the first weekend of the fest (Sunday 30 May) to make up a whole new adventure with a lot of help.  Although these books are clearly marketed at girls, with sorbet shades and illustrated sparkle, Andi’s Hay event will definitely appeal to boys and girls.

The nutshell:

Glister lives with her father in the rambling and just a little bit magical Chilblain Hall (extra wings appear overnight, an Eygptian room arrived after tea in 1805 and decided to stay…). A magnet for the weird and wonderful Glister often finds her hands full with strange goings on, including haunted teapots, disappearing houses and family trees.  British eccentricity with magical fairytale twists.

Over the fence:

Andi’s Blog lists out some of the reviews, as well as giving previews of up and coming work to keep an eye out for.

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