Mischief in the making.

We love a good jape here in the office, particularly those involving chairs (the swapping of) and jumping (from behind doors).  So we suspect that’s why Francesca Simon, the beloved creator of Horrid Henry, fits in so well at Hay Fever. We’re super-excited that she’s back this year (as she’s somewhat of a super-star, having sold over 12 million books!!) and ready to make you laugh, squirm and generally feel pretty angelic in comparison to her little monster.  So get ready to polish your halos peeps, as Francesca brings us even more tales of trouble.

The nutshell:

Horrid Henry is the ultimate anti-hero for children.  Getting into all sorts of scrapes he is accompanied in his adventures by a whole cast of characters (there really are a squillion) including his brother Perfect Peter, his long suffering parents, Fang the hamster and his archenemy/next door neighbour Moody Margaret.

Over the fence:

Keep up to date with all Francesca’s goings on at francescasimon.com and find out how Henry’s gone global (he’s called Martin Zinzin in France!)

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