Pseudonyms & Spartans

Pseudonyms spell secrecy, intrigue and eventual expose – so basically drama all round and who doesn’t love a bit of drama (except perhaps Mary J Blige)?

Which leads us nicely round to the not-so-secret pen name Zizou Corder, who is (or should that be are?) appearing at Hay. Louisa Young and her daughter Isabel Adomakoh Young will be taking to the stage to look at myths, mysteries and m…no, we’ve run out…heart-stopping adventures.  With more Spartans than you can shake a stick at, their new stand alone book Halo will sweep you away to the heat and the dirt of Ancient Greece.  One of the key things we loved about this book was that Halo follows in the footsteps of some literature’s strongest leading ladies (Athena, Viola, Rosalind etc.) and is forced to disguise herself as a boy.  Secrets and lies, obviously, swiftly follow.

The nutshell: Washed up on the island of Zakynthos as a baby (Moses-style), Hero is discovered by a family of centaurs who take her in and raise her as their own. But, years later, she is dragged away by wild fishermen and her odyssey to discover who she really is begins.  One to bring out the Greek geek in us all.

Over the fence: Read extracts of all Zizou’s books on ‘his’ official website.  There’s a blog too, but it’s a little quiet  at the moment, maybe the sun will bring ‘him’ out.

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