Animal Rescue

We found a crow in our roof this morning (a bit like this bad boy here).  It was properly exciting.  Ceiling tiles were removed, windows were opened and then the wait began.  An hour later Crow decided he was fed up with all our chatter, came to the hole and flew the length of the office to the end window.  With our first animal rescue of the year out of the way we got to thinking about all the wicked animal events we’ve got at the fest this year.

Lauren St John has had the kind of life most of us only ever dream of. She was raised on a private game reserve in Zimbabwe surrounded by animals in need of care and has continued to raise awareness surrounding conservation and endangered species through her work as a writer.  Her tremendously successful White Giraffe series whisks the reader off to Sawubona Game Reserve in South Africa, where mysteries and adventure abound.  So if  secrets on the Savannah appeal, this is definitely one for you.

Hopefully Lauren will also be able to give Hay a sneak peek of her new project due out in August, the Laura Marlin Mysteries. Her new series, surrounding an 11-year-old girl who idolizes a fictional detective sees Lauren bring her writing back to the British shores.  We love a good bit of Poirot in Cornwall, so this sounds right up our street!

Younger readers who love animals will adore the stories of Holly Webb who is making her Hay debut this year after lots of requests came flooding through our post/inbox this winter.  We have a feeling that this had something to do with the success of Lost in the Snow, Holly’s Christmassy kitten tale.  But we’re all for public demand, so thought we better get her along for a chat.  Holly will also be talking about Rose, a little girl who discovers she is a silver-tongue (when she tells a story the words transform themselves into pictures on shiny surfaces as she speaks).  Rose finds herself in a grand old house as a magician’s apprentice; cue adventures with lost princesses, dark powers and spellbinding twists.

Over the fence: Check out Lauren’s blog for news on her adventures around the world (she’s not long back from Antigua!)

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