Fashion with compassion

Hay is four weeks away and we are already having sartorial dilemmas here in the office.  Will it pour down necessitating all our powers of cunning to pull off wellies, macs and layers? Or will the sun beam down gloriously, demanding sandals and skin?

So as we are left constantly refreshing MetCheck in the hope of guidance there will be two ladies at the festival, who will be immaculately dressed not matter what.

First up Sophia Bennett – author of fashion fairytale Threads. Think Ballet Shoes set in the modern day with paper patterns, fabric and passion at its heart. Sophia captures the excitement and eccentricities of the British fashion scene as she whisks readers into the world of four friends Nonie, Jenny, Edie and Crow.   Sophia clearly adores London and it becomes the fifth friend of the set, as the girls regularly pop into the V&A, occasionally walk red carpet in Leicester Square (it’s not what it seems!) and head behind the scenes on Oxford Street.  But this is just to touch the very surface of a book, which has a lot more depth – taking on humanitarian issues without being preachy or patronising.

Gillian Cross is known for her braveness and honestly when it comes to tackling dark subjects – whether it’s the IRA of Wolf or the stalking of Tightrope. Where I Belong sees Gillian delve into immigration, poverty and the world of fashion.  Hay has a strong relationship with Oxfam (see back here for exciting new about Oxfam Bookfest 2010) so it seemed a logical step to get Gillian sitting down with an expert from Oxfam’s humanitarian team to talk about her research into Somalia, terrorism and giving a voice to the unheard.

Over the fence:

Threads – Sophia is an avid blogger , The Time’s goes wild for Book One, plus info and extract of Book Two!

Where I Belong – Mary Hoffman’s Guardian Review, Julia Eccleshare’s verdict and Gillian’s website.

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