It’s finally here…

…the anticipation is over.  We are of course talking about the final installment of Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking trilogy.  Monsters of Men has arrived! A year after we raced through The Ask and the Answer only to be left hanging on the most evil of cliffhangers (topped only by that of The Knife of Never Letting Go), we can at last discover the fate of Viola and Todd.  Patrick will be in Hay to talk all things Chaos Walking and this is basically your last chance to see him do a dedicated trilogy event at Hay, as he’s moving on already with Siobhan Dowd’s unfinished manuscript.  He’ll also be part of the all-star Writers’ Question Time so you’ll get the chance to quiz him on being a writer, what to read next and lot of other far better questions than the one we can think up!

A bit like recommending a book you adore to a friend (and we’ve passed Chaos Walking on countless times), our words never really live up to the experience.  One thing we do usually say though is that you’ve got to keep a completely open mind, disregarding genres of fiction you think you may or may not like and JUST READ IT.  For those of you who may need a little more than our word to splash out £4.30 we’ve compiled a list of links to peeps way more qualified than us to big up this series.

The Indpendent on the latest

The Guardian on the first

Patrick himself, as he’s a keen blogger and he’ll be in Hay on Friday 4th.

Walker Books – with podcasts of the first.

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