All the way from Oz

Morris Gleitzman is coming half-way around the world to make his Hay debut in 2010 and we’re all just a little bit excited.  To those that are unfamiliar with is work, he is Australia’s version of Jacqueline Wilson, in the sense that he is a complete ledg and incredibly prolific.  His writing, although seemingly simple contains hidden depths that gets children of all ages really thinking about his stories and the issues within them.  The highly acclaimed, yet drastically low profile, Once trilogy begins during the Holocaust and Now, the final installment, brings the reader into the present day, where echoes of the 1940s still resonate with the characters.  By today’s standards they look like slips of books, but they contain relationships and plots which many writers would struggle to contain within books ten times their size.  If you haven’t read Morris before, we urge you to as soon as possible.  For those of you who have, well, you must have booked your seat at Hay already, as you’ll know how special this event will be.

Over the fence:

Read or hear an extract of Now.

Official website.

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