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That’s all folks…

Holey moley we’re all done for another year! It flew by, but we had a blast over the half term and hope you did too.

On the first weekend the big QB played to a packed audience of 1400 peeps and it was awesome. ┬áSunday saw the arrival of an Alien in Underpants and the disappearance of a lovely girl from our Green Room called Hattie – we’re still not sure if the two incidents are connected.

With Monday arrived cookery school magic of strawberry muffins and mini pizzas, side by side with star-crossed lovers* and cheddar cheese flavoured grubs**. Steampunk, horror and illusion finished up a great Bank Holiday weekend.

Hiccup hit Hollywood on Tuesday with the bass on our speakers turned up proper loud and Tom Palmer refereed the biggest penalty shoot out to ever take place at Hay.

Martial Arts madness literally kicked off Wednesday and we all put on our best voices for puppetry laughs*** & underpant songs****.

The giant Puffin of Puffins debate rounded off Thursday as Marcus Brigstocke and Andy Stanton battled it out for our votes – who knew the Cathy Cassidy championed Goodnight Mr Tom would reign victorious?!

We couldn’t move for stars (of both kinds) on Friday while Saturday saw some serious time-travel, starting with a teen Sherlock then whizzing forward to Julius Chancer’s 1920s adventures, stopping of in the present with a Heathrow bomb scare in Tripwire and finishing the day off in a Zombie filled future with horror-buffs (and hopefully new BFFs) Charlie Higson and Mark Kermode.

Then we kicked back on Sunday with pink milk, dragon stew and pirates galore. Phew! Can you tell why we’re still tired?!

Thank you for all your wonderful feedback – it’s so useful and we’re planning for an even bigger and better Hay Fever 2011 already, so keep you requests coming in.

Anywho we’ll have to leave you now to post out lots of pleases & thanks yous. Back soon though with Oxfam Bookfest deets.

*Deborah Newbold – Shakespeare Storytelling

** Richard Platt – Would You Believe..?

*** Sam Lloyd – Calm Down Boris!

**** Nick Sharratt

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Phew – well the fest is going super-well, we’ve got another mammoth day ahead of us with Cressida Cowell, Gillian Cross and Tom Palmer (and that’s just the morning!)

Anywho we promised to let you know the superstar author selected for the The Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize preview session, where we get up close to one of the longlisters. This year it’s…*drum roll*…ALLY KENNEN.

Yes, the author of such brilliant books, such as Beast, Bedlam and Berserk has been shortlisted for her new book Sparks. So pop along on Wednesday at 4pm it should be a hoot.

The nutshell: When Carla’s beloved Grandpa dies, she is inconsolable. Then she finds a secret letter, and decides to give him the end he always wanted. A Viking funeral, in a burning boat heading out to sea. Carla and her siblings set out on a crazy and dangerous race against time to achieve the impossible. SPARKS is a dark, funny and moving story about love, death, sailing and coffin-stealing.