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Fowl goings on in Bristol

Let’s be honest, who at one point or another hasn’t thought how wicked (no pun intended) it would  be to be a super-villain.  Genius intellect mixed with a desire to wield immeasurable power over the world, along with the odd henchman at your disposal- sounds like a grand day out for everyone!  Ok, well maybe just us, but that’s the whole point of being a super-villain – looking after number one!

So, with the above in mind, it will come as no surprise to discover we have a list of our fave super-villains here in the office (it resides near the dart board).  Among those lucky few sits Artemis Fowl II – a certain teenage criminal mastermind that captured our hearts right back in 2001 with his ruthless desire for swag (his family motto is Aurum Potestas Est, Gold is Power – clearly another great perk of being super-bad is that you get away with stuff like that). This dastardly adolescent was created by the great Eoin Colfer, who just so happens to be doing a whopping great big exclusive gig for Oxfam Bookfest on Saturday 17 July down in Bristol.  As it’s just over the bridge (and we love his stand up routine) pretty much the whole office is popping along to cheer, yell and wave so Eoin feels like the super-star he truly is.  If you fancy joining us, just turn up on the day – peeps under 16 are £5, overs free – at Bristol Old Vic, 4pm.

We haven’t yet seen AF7 yet, but we do know it’s got a properly lush cover (see, we’re getting into the Somerset spirit already) and we’ve been assured there will be hot of the press advance copies especially for you (it’s embargoed until 20th for everyone else!)  If you’re not able to join in we’ll make sure we post some pics up here – pose suggestions most welcome.

Over the fence: More tips on what not to do as and when you become a super-villain can be found here.

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