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Winter Wonders

We love Winter. We love to bake it (mince pies rule here, stollen is just too fiddly), we love to decorate it (paper stars all the way) and we most certainly love to eat it (another helping of buttery mash, anyone?).

So although the sun sets around 3.30pm these days, there can be no better excuse to grab one or all of the following duvet/tea/jaffa cakes and curl up with one of our Winter Wonders (roaring fire optional).

The Last Dragon Slayer – because more Jasper Fforde scribbles in the world can only be a good thing.  Be warned though, you’ll whip through it at the speed of light, so have another book ready and waiting. Such as…

The Crowfield Curse – a snow swept tale set in the fourteenth century with a twist of fantasy.  We can see the tv adaptation already, with Derek Jacobi at the top of the casting list.

Fallen Grace – Mary Hooper’s unique portrait of Victorian London.  You might want to add a box of tissues to the list above.

Hercule Poirots’ Christmas – because nothing says winter holidays like a murder mystery and where better to start than with the Queen of Crime herself, celebrating her 120th birthday this year.  Get those little grey cells working.

The Mystery of the Russian Ruby: A Pop-up Whodunnit – a charming, interactive crime mystery for younger readers. The stately home and rooms within literally spring off the page and alternate solutions guarantee re-reading.  Sadly out of print, but plenty on various market places and well worth it.

What will you be reading this holiday?

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