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Leeks and daffs

Happy St David’s Day!  So as we’re cracking out the leeks and daffs to celebrate Dewi Sant (St. David in Welsh, don’t you know!) we thought it high time for some more brilliant writing tips, as FYI the deadline for 500 WORDS approacheth.  This week we’re delighted to share with you the wisdom of Guy Bass – creator extraordinaire of Dinkin Dins and Gormy Ruckles.  He’ll be coming to Hay Fever for the very first time on June 3 and we can’t wait.

So, over to Guy…

Don’t trust your brain. If you have an idea for a story, don’t just leave it in your brain! Write it down, even if you’re not sure that your idea is any good. Otherwise your idea might get buried by random thoughts about sandwiches and pigeons and stuff. Putting the idea on paper makes it real.

Listen to Yoda. Like the Jedi master says, “There is no try – do or do not.” Loads of people claim to have an idea for a story but very few people actually write it. Don’t just talk about it – do it. The Force is strong in you.

Hand it over. Give your story to a couple of trusted friends or relatives. A fresh eye and an honest opinion are often the key to making your story as good as it can be. Don’t give it to your mum though – she’ll just tell you to take out the fighting and put in some romance.

Remember the cheese. Good ideas are like cheese – they’re better if left to ripen. Once you’ve written your story, put it in a draw and leave it for a while before looking at it again. The bad bits will stand out and the good bits will be even better. That’s some tasty cheese!

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