Drop In + Draw with We Are Words + Pictures

We Are Words + Pictures promote the work of comic artists and writers in Britain at fairs, festivals, club nights and workshops, alongside our quarterly Paper Science anthology. We think words and pictures are a pretty special combination and we love sharing our enthusiasm for comics with new people.

Our Drop In + Draw events are the perfect chance for you to get involved; informal workshops where you get the chance to produce your own work.

We’ve held them all over the country with adults and children of all ages offering you the chance to first create your own comic book character, before putting them into a story that you visualise. And this year we’ll be at Hay Fever. With artists and writers on hand to offer tips and ask questions to prompt you, we encourage everyone to dream up alternative realities, super heroes and epic quests. And if magical realms aren’t for you, do not fear – we’re just as fond of tales of the everyday.

Our gallery of work from previous events is bursting with talent. We’ll be in the Hay Fever Courtyard, right opposite the Giant Wallbook during the first weekend of the festival, the 28th and 29th May.

And here’s the official blurb:

Create your own comic book character

Make stories with words + pictures

What would a character that you made up from scratch look like? Would they have a beard or tentacles or tiny pointed feet? Would they be tall or chubby or have piercing blue eyes? Well, the We Are Words + Pictures team are here to help you decide and put your ideas into practice. With established comic artists and illustrators on hand we’ll get you designing your very own comic book character and developing a story for them to feature in.

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