A Mighty Greeting from the Etherington Brothers!

Greetings, greetings one and all!

Let’s kickstart this hijacked blog (which we’re hurriedly writing while the lovely folk at the Hay Festival have their backs turned) with a Dinosaur attack! AGH!

T-Rex attacks The Etherington Brothers

Phew. That was simply to demonstrate that there are worse things in life than having to go to school on a Monday morning.

Now that nonsense is out the way we would like to say how much we are looking forward to bringing our own brand of comic and cartoon tomfoolery to Hay. Ever since we were little boys we’ve always wanted to create stories that excite and entertain. Our love of picture books and passion for comics helped to shape our future career.

We Etherington Brothers believe that graphic novels are the future. We  also believe that it’s okay to abandon a mission and run away if you are being pursued by a large number of monsters. See below for details.

Sid and Rivet run away

Anyone with a ticket to our show will get to meet Sid and Rivet (the cowards seen above) and a host of other crazy characters as we chat about creating stories and drawing pictures and share all our secret hints and tips.

Oh, and if you’re really lucky, Robin may even give you his world-famous impression of a turtle. What an offer!

See you in a fortnight!

The Etherington Brothers

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