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Phew!  What a year.  We had an incredibly jolly time and we hope you all did too.  Thank you for making Hay Fever so much fun.  There are sooooo many highlights, so we did a little survey around the office (and the surrounding pavement) to see which bits stood out for everyone:

  • The Duchess of Cornwall meeting two girls styling out a more feline look.
  • Chris Evans shouting ‘Hay! Hay! Hay!’ from the little Elmley Theatre to 9m listeners across the nation. The finalists of the 500 Words competition were all fantastic – you can see all the pics and stories here.
  • Hannah Shaw drawing on The Hexagon, yes on the actual tent!
  • Treasure hunting, pirate style, round the site for Tom’s Gift.
  • Making video postcards with HKKP – we still have our (now slightly deflated) red balloon.
  • Creating wooden animals with the National Trust and willow wands with Lorraine Weeks.
  • Picking Christopher Lloyd’s pockets.  The Giant Wallbook will be at the Natural History Museum next.
  • Watching Popty Ping (yes, that is the Welsh for microwave) – an impromptu spoken word medley in the garden by The Beacons Project and Arthur Smith.

And now for the pictures (courtesy of the awesome Finn Beales & Michaela Rogers):

The new children's laureate storytelling at Hay Fever

Cartwheeling in the garden

Jason Bradbury whizzing about in our electric powered car on site.

The What on Earth? Giant Wallbook in the Hay Fever Courtyard

Activities in Wiggly Wigglers Garden.

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Reading People, Writing Character by Western Mysteries author Caroline Lawrence

Are you the sort of person who can run sprints of academic brilliance but endures cringing marathons of social ineptitude? Can you remember facts, figures and dates if they relate to your particular obsession, while frequently forgetting your colleagues names? Do you introduce yourself to people youve already met several times before, as you secretly conquer imaginary worlds in your head?

I am! And I am continually fascinated by people or characters who are slightly dysfunctional nerds like me, only more so.
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