Dear Reader,

Hello! My name is Pea. Really all you literary festival people will be much more interested in my Mum, who is Marina Cove, famous author of the Mermaid Girls books. (You know them, the ones with the sparkly covers.)

Unfortunately being a very famous and successful author means she’s at home doing authorial things, like drinking tea and watching Homes Under The Hammer – but please come along on Friday 8th June 1pm at the Starlight Stage, to meet me instead.

I hope we’re going to be best friends. I had to leave my last one behind in Tenby when my whole family (that’s Mum, and my sisters Clover and Tinkerbell, and Wuffly the dog) moved to London. My Londonish best friend candidates are all quite strange. There’s Sam, who lives next door, and might be a boy or a girl but no one seems to know. And Eloise, who has frondy posh packed lunches. And Bethany, who smells of Wotsits and would like me more if I were a horse. Personally I’d prefer to be best friends with Anne Boleyn, but she is a bit dead.

(Apparently some lady called Susie Day will be there too, talking lots and signing books at the end of it, so I expect she’s a writer like Mum.)

Meet you soon!

Love from Pea xx

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