Come and make some new friends!

“Oh Pig, I am so super duper excited that we are going to the Hay Festival this Summer!” said Florentine happily, as she popped her Whizz Bang Crunchy Choccy Cake into the oven.

“It’s going to be such fun!”

Pig grinned and did a little dance.

“We’re going to read stories, and make new friends… and all the marvellous children are going to help us make bunting for our wonderful tent!”

Pig was trying to pull on his favourite spotty wellies, just to make sure they fit. He was so very thrilled at the prospect of wearing them at such a prestigious occasion.

“And Eva Katzler will be there to meet everyone and Jess Mikhail, (the very clever girl who drew us, Pig) will be there too! Gosh Pig, I can hardly wait!”

Pig wasn’t having much luck with his wellies at all, so Florentine bent down to help.

“Now Pig, you will behave, won’t you? We do so want everyone to like us. Hobbycraft have given us lots of wonderful arty crafty things to help us make our bunting so you must be on your very best behaviour and… oh Pig! What’s this?”

Pig tipped his left welly upside down and out came…. A half eaten (not-very-crunchy-anymore) apple!

“Oh Pig” giggled Florentine. “You are silly! Come on, let’s go for a lovely walk and we’ll be home in time for cake”.

And with that, they marched out the door.


How wonderful! Thank you Eva. Come and make friends with Florentine and Pig (and Eva and Jess) at the festival on Wednesay 6 June at 1pm and 2:30pm  For all you tweeters, catch up with their Hay shenanigans by following @florentine_pig and if you’re a keen bean cook check out their short cookery videos over on YouTube. Phew!

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5 thoughts on “Come and make some new friends!

  1. Jenny Trott says:

    This looks amazing!! Are they sold out? My children would love this.

  2. Alison T says:

    Are they really making bunting at Hay? Can the children make it too?

  3. We just can’t wait! We’ll also be making an apple wishing tree… We’re so excited, Pig been doing somersaults all morning.

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