Sue Monroe: Hang on, Sandra is a BOY dragon

REALLY looking forward to visiting HAY! It will be my first time at the festival and I’m bringing The Magnificent Moon Hare with me, along with P.J. and a dragon called Sandra.

It’s always a bit tricky to take the Moon Hare anywhere as he can be A Little Bit Difficult. He likes to travel though… he’s a bit Farfetched…

Let me tell you about him, he’s the hare in the moon – no, really there’s a hare in the moon (forget about the man in the moon he’s a bit pants) if you look up you can see him (look up, not down because that won’t work…) don’t believe me?

Well come along to my event and I’ll SHOW you!

I’ll tell you about P.J. now.  She’s a princess – hang on! BOYS! Get back here!  She’s not a soppy drippy rescue – me princess.  She pretty unpleasant actually, very badly behaved and spoilt and she gets everything that she asks for, so she asks for a dragon…

Cue Sandra. Hang on; Sandra is a BOY dragon, which is confusing and pretty annoying for Sandra too.  P.J. named him (all makes sense now) and that’s why he doesn’t like her. Not one bit. He’d CHOMP her if he could, but he can’t because she’s a Royal and dragons can’t eat Royals, which is good as it would be a really short book.

Anyway P.J. gets bored with Sandra as soon as he arrives and so she demands the Moon Hare,


Throw in a kidnapped King who’s going to get his head CHOPPED OFF, a rescue mission and Liquorice Allsorts and you’ve got Action, Adventure and Twanging Tights!

So come and see me on:

10th June at 2.30pm (after lunch that’s good!)

(By the way, The Magnificent Moon Hare is brilliant if you’re aged 7+ because then you can read it yourself in your head, laugh out loud at the funny bits and people will think that you’re mad!)

See you there!

Sue x

Catch Sue at the festival on Sunday 10 June, 2.30pm.

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