Karen McCombie: Confetti in my hair…

Ooh, it’s been ages (perhaps even just a tiny bit longer) since I last visited the Hay festival. I think I must have been talking about one of my Ally’s World series of books back then… I can’t remember. Two things I DO remember:

1)      Finding out that my B&B was a working farm with hens and ducks pootling around the front door. (My idea of brilliant.)

2)      Working up the nerve to go over to Jacqueline Wilson in the Green Room and introduce myself. (I babbled stupidly, she smiled graciously.)

This year I’m back with a new series for girls and boys called You, Me and Thing. Nine-year-old neighbours Ruby (who’s nice) and Jackson (who’s a donut) discover a strange little creature living in the straggle of trees behind their houses. It looks like it’s a cross between a squirrel, a fairy and a troll, and can speak many languages (including slug) as well as being able to do magic. Sadly, it’s all rubbish magic.

I wonder if me and my new book will be staying with the ducks again this year? One thing’s for sure – it’ll sadly be a flying visit. I’m going to be zooming from a friend’s wedding to catch my train west, then zipping back on a train to London, and heading off to the airport for my holidays.

Hay will be a lovely, tranquil oasis in the middle of the rushing, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who comes to my event.

Please be nice to me, and don’t laugh if I still have confetti in my hair…

Catch Karen at the festival on Sunday 3 June, 11.30am.

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