Cassandra Clare at Hay Festival 2014 by Olga

Cassandra Clare’s books are very exciting and full of love and adventure, but you never think about the person who came up with these amazing stories from scratch.

The opening topic was the film that came out last year, ‘City of Bones’ when there was a happy murmur in the crowd as people remembered the highlights. Clare recalled how she had watched the characters fight with golf balls, a substitute for the computer-generated monsters. At this point she was asked, “Don’t you think that the actors played their parts to perfection? Especially Jace!”

Clare has written many thrilling series, famously ‘The Mortal Instruments’ and ‘The Infernal Devices’. Those of us who have read her books were extremely excited to find out that Cassandra has two more series planned, as well as the last instalment of ‘The Infernal Devices’, called ‘City of Heavenly Fire’.

A member of the audience asked a very particular, and philosophical question: “What effect does having openly gay characters in your books have?” She replied that it made publishers turn away. This gave the audience an insight into how hard it is to get published.

We felt we got to know Cassandra Clare during the talk and I got an even better impression, because afterwards I got to meet her! I just thought, this is a normal person, not some far-off queen you can’t approach with questions.

I loved her books before, but now, after the talk where I managed to wrap my head around the mysteries of her books, I am gripped even more.

By Olga.
Olga is 13 and has recently come back to London after four years living in Moscow. She likes reading and is sociable and sporty.

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