Joe Ducie at Hay Festival 2014 by Finn

Joe Ducie was great. He talked to us about The Rig, a story about a boy, Will Drake, who was a master at escaping from prisons. The last prison he had escaped from was Cedarwood, where he had accidentally killed a boy he had made friends with. The rest of the story is about him trying to escape The Rig, a high security prison for the worst of the worst criminals.

Then Joe talked about winning the Guardian Young Writers’ Prize and said he hoped to write a sequel.

Other than writing Joe has a very exiting life. He is part of the counter-terrorism team and during his talk he showed us X-rays of bags going through airline security. We had to guess where the guns or drugs were hidden or if there were any at all. It was great fun and there were some funny stories of what people tried to sneak on board: birds inside teddy bears, snakes in bags and birds under vests.

Here are some of the tips he gave us about writing:
-Momentum is key.
-Scribble it down and just get vague ideas.
-You have as many chances as you want so don’t worry.
-Don’t talk nonsense.
-5,000 words a day.

By Finn.
Finn, 11, likes reading, tennis, drawing, and being outside.

One thought on “Joe Ducie at Hay Festival 2014 by Finn

  1. Sophie says:

    Epic blogg finn

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