Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart at Hay Festival 2014 by Eleanor

“I don’t know how we’ve managed to work together for so many years.” That was our introduction to Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, the funny, quirky, author and illustrator duo.

Together they explored the wonders of The Edge, a world where science works miracles, with floating cities and solidified lightning. Starting with just a map of this world, they created the best-selling series ‘The Edge Chronicles’. They read an extract from their latest book (one of a new trilogy), and then told us the exciting news that soon there will be a television series about the adventures!

It seems that the pair have been very busy lately. On top of the latest ‘Edge Chronicles’, Chris and Paul are working on a completely different trilogy of books: ‘Scavenger’. Both of them were obsessed with sci-fi novels as teenagers and have decided that they wish to return to the genre.

This story is set in the future, when humankind is migrating to a new planet, and their robots have turned against them. Men have had to go into hiding within their own spaceship. But the robots are hunting them down….

By Eleanor.
Eleanor is 14. She loves cats and reading fantasy epics (preferably about dragons).

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