Darren Shan at Hay Festival 2014 by Dylan

Shivers ran down my spine and my hair began to spike as Darren Shan read a disgusting and gruesome scene from his book Zom-B, one of the most descriptive books I have ever read! Darren Shan is an amazing author who writes horror/fantasy and does a good job of it too. His books are gripping and thrilling with suspense and great cliff-hangers that leave you thirsting for more. But thankfully he writes a book every three months so he doesn’t keep you waiting for too long. He has always wanted to be a writer and his mother inspired him the most because she taught him to read. Altogether he is an experimental, engaging and awesome author who writes brilliant, exciting must-read books!

By Dylan.
Dylan, 10, likes Minecraft, reading, trampoline and adventure.

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