Steven Moffat at Hay Festival 2014 by Jaffa

Being a Whovian, I was very much looking forward to seeing Steven Moffat, and by the sound of things, so was everyone else – as soon as he entered the tent, everyone erupted into the loudest cheer I have heard yet. He was very funny, and the best thing he said was, “My wife divorced me she thought I liked television more than her. I proved her point by writing a sitcom about it.”

He made everyone laugh and didn’t use too many big words, which I expected him to do as he writes so much using big and clever words. Asked what would be in the next series of Dr Who, he said, “I have lots of things in my head… but I’m not giving away any of them.” I think the best question was, “What do you find harder, finding a pre-written text and putting it into a modern script, or writing your own plot?” The answer was, “They’re both very hard.”

By Jaffa.
Jaffa, 13, is a Whovian who spends an awful lot of time writing stories and playing piano.

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