Kazuo Ishiguro at Hay Festival 2015 by Anna and Emmeline

Writer of acclaimed novels such as Never Let Me Go and The Remains of the Day, Kazuo Ishiguro spoke yesterday about his new book The Buried Giant. A clearly devoted and well-read audience lapped up his experience of the process of writing and how his work ties in to social morals relevant across the globe today.

Ishiguro’s new novel focuses on societies’ suppression and selection of memories and whether issues are better left buried (hence the title) or raked up and discussed despite the pain left there; this contrasts to his earlier work which he always felt was based more around individual struggle with memories. The Buried Giant is in the fantasy genre (and even includes ogres which, as the author commented, are rather unnecessarily disliked in the literary world). If it came to it, “I’d be on the side of the ogres,” he commented, eliciting a warm response from the audience.

Amongst other topics, he discussed the placement of genre stereotyping in the world of fiction and how he tried not to write with a particular genre in mind.

We were eagerly anticipating this talk by one of the world’s most treasured authors and I’m pleased to report that he did not disappoint.

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