Tim Bowler, Sam Hepburn and Ken Oppel at Hay 2015 by Olga

There was a general hum of anticipation in the Starlight Stage as we all waited for Tim Bowler, Sam Hepburn and Ken Oppel to appear. These three authors share one thing in particular; all their stories have a certain dangerous aura around them. At first glance Hepburn looks like a friendly BBC documentary maker, but when she talks about her story, ‘If You Were There’, she seems to take a mysterious tone. Hepburn told us that she based her story on a pizza shop owner from Afghanistan, living in Streatham, who was convicted for terrorism. She takes inspiration from Malala. Tim Bowler, who wrote ‘Game Changer’, believes in going with the flow, and often doesn’t know where his stories will lead him. Bowler has a very funny and natural air and when he talks he takes everyone with him. Ken Oppel, all the way from Canada, wrote ‘The Boundless’, a story about a seven-mile-long train with a mini civilization on it. His story is tense and intriguing and draws you in the more you hear it. I hadn’t previously read any of these books, and went in expecting to some books written for pre-teen boys, but have come out ready to go and read all of them! Olga

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